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YourNest is an Angel Fund that believes in 'liberating human potential' by investing in technology enabled, vibrant, new business ideas. YourNest has seen the opportunity and has the passion to build the start-ups into significant, meaningful businesses. YourNest bets Big on “very few ideas” as it invests with conviction and support start-ups in the areas that they know the best. YourNest portfolio has already invested in innovative start-ups like

"There is an urgent need to address the state of the local transport in metros such as Mumbai. Presently, commuters suffer from a lack of sufficient cabs offering quality service, while taxi drivers are faced with low earnings," Sunil Goyal, chief executive and fund manager, YourNest Angel Fund, said.
Sunil Goyal , fund manager, YourNest Angel Fund explained, " came with an immediate opportunity to convert 2,000 black & yellow taxis and cool cabs into call taxis. The opportunity to address larger market size of over 90,000 taxis in Mumbai itself was a core parameter for the venture capital firms to approve the project."
"Very rarely an asset light business model that has a potential to enhance daily earnings of a daily wage earner like taxi driver comes across by us.

The inception to what is today amongst India's leading angel group was laid in mid-year 2006. Investing a company with no history was a fairly radical and new concept in a population with a very conservative mindset. 'Angel investment' as a separate asset class of investment was born when Sasha Mirchandani and Prashant Choksey joined hands and worked towards helping young entrepreneurs with fresh ideas or young companies. Entrepreneurs in their own family run business, they started meeting entrepreneurs over coffee to start screening ideas and ventures for potential investment. “Great team, world class technology partner, licensed by the state government and a scalable business model attracted us to partner YourNest in sharing the vision of,” Anil Joshi, Mumbai Angels, said.