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Our Story

Some say it was Plato, others credit Victor Hugo with the famous quote, 'Necessity is the mother of inventions'. However, Avinash Gupta has experienced it for real. Gupta, director of Live Minds Solutions, Andheri was scheduled to catch a flight when his plans were interrupted by a message saying his radio cab reservation was not confirmed. Gupta tried finding a cab but all in vain. Ultimately, an auto came to his rescue; but he missed his flight. That was how, as Gupta says, "The idea of connecting thousands of local taxi drivers to their customers and developing an online platform was born."

His missed flight led to the creation of, the first and only Andheri-based "Call Taxi" service in Mumbai to book regular black and yellow taxis. The website has more than 2,000 taxis registered in the city.

"I am sure there would have been many black & yellow taxis within a distance of a few kilometres, unfortunately there was no way to call them. I realised that there is a huge need for people to book black & yellow taxis on call, just like you can book in most other major cities in the world," Gupta recalls.

The idea culminated into a strategy and later a full-fledged business had several obstacles to overcome. He realised in order to materialise his plan he would need a regulatory gateway. "Luckily, at the same time applications were being invited for Call Taxi scheme by the State Transport Authority (STA) of Maharashtra and I applied. We were selected for the license," offers Gupta. He adds, "The authority was impressed with the concept of, the service that covers the entire Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) region. Securing the license to operate under the Call Taxi service scheme from the government of Maharashtra took about two-years." began receiving revenue soon after the formalities were completed. Newer models such as, Santro, Wagon R, Eeco, and Swift Dzire are also registered with the website. "Our regular taxis, both AC and non-AC are reliable and are much more affordable as compared to other radio taxis. Thus, we have a positive response from the customers and more than 70 percent re-book the services," Gupta said.

BookMyCab was acquired and the model is tweaked to a Tourism Industry based model which is currently modelled and targeted to the Tourists, Hotels, and the corporates . It comes with a tailor made CRM which is win win for the Travel Desk , Tourists , Drivers, Governments .